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Redensifies · Revitalises · Firms · Brightens · Rejuvenates

A new and luxurious prodigy of youth joins the TIMELESS PRODIGY line by Skeyndor. THE LUXURY ELIXIR is an exclusive progressive action and multigenic treatment which brings together three cell rejuvenation strategies to activate cell genesis, perfect cell quality and enhance cell functionality. Three phases of progressive action aimed at halting and reversing the action of time in your skin.

Over time, the skin is exposed to two factors which promote its ageing. On the one hand, the loss of energy charge leads to energetic ageing of the cells. Meanwhile, stress damages the skin, causing undesirable visible signs such as the appearance of wrinkles, a reduction in elasticity and the loss of brightness.

TIMELESS PRODIGY THE LUXURY ELIXIR is an authentic progressive action anti-ageing elixir in three phases, aimed at recharging energy and reducing cell stress. Its prodigious global ultra anti-ageing effect is concentrated and fuses with its astonishing active agents aimed at reducing the effect of daily stress on the face and on recharging energy levels to revitalise the skin from the inside.

Its original formulation includes more than 20 powerful active agents, including growth factors, proteoglycans, Piedmont white truffle, tephrosia purpurea extract, and damask rose and wild olive stem cells, for a luxury anti-ageing result.

The tephrosia seed extract helps to counteract the damaging effects of stress in the skin by reducing cortisol production (the stress hormone) in the skin cells, and improves the tone and brightness of the face. The origin of this ingredient is India, where it is used in Ayurveda therapies for its beneficial effects on the skin.

The oil from the wild olive stem cells improves mitochondrial energy efficiency to counteract cell energetic ageing, and allows the skin to regain optimum energy levels, recharging and recovering its natural vitality.

Both ingredients received 1st prize for the best active ingredient at the IN-COSMETICS INNOVATION ZONE, in 2016 and 2019 respectively.

TIMELESS PRODIGY THE LUXURY ELIXIR is an intensive 30-day cure which is used morning and night, following a gentle ritual of three phases, with the intervention of techniques capable of enhancing its effects, including the Shiatsu facial, the Tapping method based on small taps and the Japanese Kobido lifting frictions. It is a cell revitaliser which helps to recuperate the softness and firmness of your skin.

Phase 1. Cell genesis activators

Its formulation is extraordinarily rich in active agents, including 30 million damask rose stem cells, 5 growth factors, “cellular oil” from wild olive stem cells and tephrosia purpurea extract. This is a shock dose, the purpose of which is to generate an increase in the number of cells. Thanks to this proliferative action, the skin recovers its density and vitality. Moreover, its powerful anti-stress action reduces skin cortisol levels and their associated negative effects.

Phase 2. Cell quality perfectors.

This extraordinary epigenetic modulator made from white truffle, teprenone, “cellular oil” from wild olive stem cells and tephrosia purpurea extract helps to improve the quality of the cells and delay their entry into the period of senescence. It is a natural revitaliser which helps to recuperate the softness and firmness of your skin.

Phase 3. Cell functionality boosters.

In its third phase, THE LUXURY ELIXIR acts to multiply the functional capacity of the cells. Thanks to its stimulating action, it provides brightness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Its action against energetic ageing is powerful, as it recharges the skin’s energy and helps to recover its vitality. Its formula incorporates proteoglycans, Kombucha Tea, “Cellular oil” from wild olive stem cells, and tephrosia purpurea extact.