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Do you really need a serum? – Skeyndor Power Range Edition

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Walking down the skincare aisle often begins with a lot of excitement. What’s the next big thing that will transform your skin? One product that often remains a mystery: the serum. What exactly is it? Is it worth the investment? What’s its purpose? Let’s clear up some confusion about this high-tech skin enhancer.

What is a serum?

Think of a serum as the powerhouse of your skincare routine. A serum is highly concentrated and contains biologically active substances to help achieve specific goals. Packed with potent and targeted ingredients, serums generally focus on a single mission, whether it’s to reduce dark spots, enhance your glow, smooth fine lines, or tighten your skin.

A serum is also lighter and thinner than most moisturizers, allowing it to quickly penetrate the skin and work on a deeper level. Consequently, serums stand out as the most potent cosmetics in terms of activating their properties.

Do you need a moisturizer and a serum?

Not necessarily if you don’t have any major skin concerns. But if you’re troubled by a skin issue, like a persistent dark spot or fine lines around your eyes, adding a serum to your routine is a good idea. Using a serum and a moisturizer with complementary ingredients is like a one-two punch for a skin issue: you’ll see results faster. Together, they provide the ideal support for your skin.

If a serum is more powerful than a moisturizer, do you even need a moisturizer?

While serums contain potent problem-solving ingredients and may offer some hydration, they don’t provide enough moisture to replace your moisturizer. Moisturizers deliver a more well-rounded nourishment, containing other healthy ingredients your skin needs beyond addressing your primary concern.

Additionally, serums don’t include SPF because they are designed to penetrate deeply into your skin, while sun protection ingredients are meant to stay on the surface to protect against harmful UV rays.

Which do you apply first?

The general rule for layering skincare products: go from thinnest to thickest. Apply serum first, then moisturizer. You can use the same serum morning and night, but switch up your moisturizers: a day cream with SPF and a night cream with more skin-repair ingredients.

When should you start using a serum?

It’s not about age, but the condition of your skin and any issues you’re concerned about. Thinking you need a power pair? Here’s what to look for…

If your concern is…dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Start with a serum like Power C+ Antiox Glowing serum, which contains Vitamin C derivative 12.5%, Pomegranate HG extract 3%, Açaí HG extract 2%. a potent antioxidant combination for an even more radiant lighting effect.

Vitamin C is one of the most valued active ingredients in dermatology, due to its multiple benefits on the skin. Not only it is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known, it also stimulates the skin’s metabolism and the formation of collagen. Pair it with Power C+ Energizing Cream SPF15, which contains similar ingredients along with sun protection to prevent premature aging.

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If your concern is…lines and wrinkles.

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Don’t let fine lines and wrinkles cause stress. Stay calm and apply a powerful anti-aging serum. One of our best wrinkle serum? Power Retinol  Intensive Repairing Serum In Cream. This extraordinary complex combines retinol with two “retinoid-like” ingredients: Bakuchiol and HS soy extract.

Together, they enhance retinol’s rejuvenating effects while minimizing side effects. For plumper skin that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, pair it with our anti-aging moisturizer, the Power Retinol Intensive Repairing Emulsion

If your concern is…dull and urban pollution.

Power Oxygen City Pollution Barrier-Boosting serum by Skeyndor offers detoxifying, antioxidant, and prebiotic properties to give your skin a radiant, balanced appearance.

Specifically designed to combat environmental pollution and address skin oxygen deficiency, it utilizes PM2.5 anti-pollution filters and oxygen-trapping technology to shield your skin from urban pollutants and environmental stressors.

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If your concern is…hydration.

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For those with dry skin, a hydrating serum can work wonders. Look for a serum containing hyaluronic acid, which has the remarkable ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, providing intense hydration. Consider using the Power Hyaluronic Moisturizing Booster.

This water-gel formula is designed to quench dehydrated skin with a potent moisture boost. It contains very low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, as well as Xylitol and derivatives Liposomed polarized water. The result? 24 hours of continuous hydration and improved appearance of wrinkles caused by dehydration.

For even better results, pair it with the Power Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturizing Emulsion, which not only restores moisture levels but also strengthens your skin against dryness from factors like air travel and pollution.

If you’ve recently undergone an aesthetic Professional Cabin Treatment… and desire prolonged visibility of the result.

Skeyndor Aquatherm The Beautique

Your best ally will be the serum. This is due to the serum’s high concentration of active ingredients and its rapid absorption capacity, which effectively extends the beneficial effects of the treatment.

Consult your trusted beautician to determine the most suitable serum for your skin’s requirements and the treatment received. Additionally, seek guidance on the application, including the optimal combination of serum and cream to sustainably enhance the professional results.

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Source: Skeyndor Spain