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Aquatherm: Soothing Solutions for Sensitive & Reactive Skin

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Sensitive and reactive skin types pose unique skincare challenges, often requiring specialized products to manage their distinct characteristics. Aquatherm, a revolutionary skincare line by Skeyndor, has emerged as the go-to solution for individuals grappling with these skin types. However, it’s crucial to recognize the difference between sensitive and reactive skin, as these terms are frequently used interchangeably.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin, often influenced by genetic factors, tends to have a compromised skin barrier. This allows allergens and irritants to penetrate more easily, leading to unpleasant reactions like stinging, burning, redness, and blushing. Living with sensitive skin can be challenging, as it requires special care. The skin is naturally thin, and blood vessels lie close to the surface, making it prone to dehydration and breakouts.

Reactive Skin

Reactive skin may arise due to exposure to environmental aggressors or the use of certain skincare ingredients. Prolonged use of unsuitable products can lead to skin allergies. To prevent reactions, consider removing irritants from your daily routine and minimizing their contact with your skin.

The Skeyndor Effect: A Boon for Sensitive & Reactive Skin

Photo by Skeyndor UK

Recognizing the unique challenges of sensitive and reactive skin, Skeyndor has crafted a skincare line that caters specifically to these skin types. The Aquatherm range is infused with potent active ingredients designed to pamper hyper-allergic skin without causing irritation.

Aquatherm boasts a blend of prebiotics, ceramides, and plant extracts, all working in harmony to fortify the skin’s barrier, balance its pH levels, decrease skin sensitivity, and combat early signs of aging. The nutrient-rich formula leaves the skin calm, soothed, and hydrated, making Aquatherm a must-have for sensitive skin types.

Salies De Bearn Lake 1024 X 695
Salies-de-Béarn lake
Honeycomb Oil Drops Blue Hue

Skeyndor have exclusive access to medicinal thermal spring water from Salies-de-Béarn, thanks to its reputation as an innovator and commitment to stringent environmental standards. This spring water, known for having the “Best Proportion of Magnesium Ion out of all mineral waters described worldwide” is a key ingredient in the Aquatherm range.

The exclusive use of thermal spring water from Salies-de-Béarn make it a top choice for individuals seeking relief from the challenges of sensitive and reactive skin. The journey of its users serves as a testament to its effectiveness. Remember, when it comes to skincare, the right products can make all the difference.

Aq Thermal Water 100ml 02

A User’s Journey: From Steroid Dependency to Clear Skin

The efficacy of Aquatherm can be best demonstrated through the personal experience of a user. The user in question here is Billi Mucklow, a prominent businesswoman and reality television star who shot to fame through her appearance on the widely watched UK reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex. She took to Instagram to share her personal journey with Aquatherm products.

Billi Mucklow also happens to be the wife of Andy Carroll, an ex-footballer for England who currently has ties with the French club, Amiens.

For a significant period, Billi faced the challenging issue of redness, soreness, and itching on her facial skin, despite seeking advice from various dermatologists and trying different skincare products and altering her diet. However, her struggle with blisters remained a constant battle.

“For years I’ve suffered with redness, blisters, sore itchy skin on my face…nothing has ever got rid of it until I started letting Alex take control and introduce me to a new skincare routine that has completely transformed my skin.” – @billimucklow

She discovered her skin was addicted to the steroids prescribed by a dermatologist. The Aquatherm & Expert Cleanse Pro range, along with specialist facials, helped her wean off the steroids and completely transform her skin in just 3 months, giving her newfound confidence to go makeup-free.

Throughout her journey, she has been using the following product :

Sos Anti Redness 468x1024 Removebg Preview
  1. Aquatherm SOS Anti-Redness

Provides immediate soothing and relief from tightness and redness in sensitive skin types.

2. Aquatherm Re-Balancing Gentle Cream FI

Oil free hydrating cream with a matt finish, ideal daily moisturiser for sensitive combination and oily skin types. Gradually normalises sensitive skin making stronger against external aggressions.

Re Balancing Gentle Cream Fi 50ml Removebg Preview

Ecp Urban Micelar Oil New

3. Expert Cleanse Pro Micellar Oil

It is formulated with natural, eco-certified emollients, a surfactant and ginger extract with an anti-pollution effect.

It removes make-up and pollution that has accumulated on the skin surface.

4. Expert Cleanse Pro Mattifying Foam-in-Gel

A cleansing gel that transforms into a pleasant mousse formulated to deeply cleanse impurities.

Formulated with ultra-mild natural surfactants and a postbiotic ferment to help protect the skin flora.

It deeply cleanses impurities from the skin without drying it out or damaging it.

03 Mattifying Foam In Gel 768x1024 Removebg Preview

Dd Cream

5. Skincare Makeup DD Cream SPF 50

Evens skin tone and smooths the skin. Giving it a youthful and healthy look. Contains hyaluronic acid that forms a barrier to protect the skin from harmful pollutants.

Ideal after laser and peeling treatments.

Follow her journey on instagram @billimucklow

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