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Aquatherm: Soothing Solutions for Sensitive & Reactive Skin

Aquatherm: Soothing Solutions for Sensitive & Reactive Skin

Sensitive and reactive skin types pose unique skincare challenges, often requiring specialized products to manage their distinct characteristics. Aquatherm, a revolutionary skincare line by Skeyndor, has emerged as the go-to solution for individuals grappling with these skin types. However, it’s crucial to recognize the difference between sensitive and reactive skin, as these terms are frequently […]

Guarding Your Skin Against Air Pollution

Power Oxygen Web 0424 01 1

Air pollution is a growing global issue, affecting not only our planet but also our health – particularly our skin health. Skeyndor, a renowned skincare brand, has emerged as a leader in addressing this concern with their exceptional skincare line, explicitly designed to tackle air pollution. Air pollution poses a stealthy danger to our skin’s […]

Skeyndor Malaysia Triumphs at the 2023/24 SISTERS Beauty Awards

Sisters Award

The prestigious Beauty Awards 2023/24, jointly organized by “SISTERS” have quietly entered their seventh year. With each edition, they extends invitations to international and local beauty experts from diverse professional backgrounds, beauty-loving artists, and internet celebrities who share an unwavering passion for the beauty industry. Together, they embark on a collective journey to identify and […]

Skeyndor Malaysia: Introducing the New Eternal Line for Youthful and Radiant Skin

Skeyndor New Eternal

Skeyndor, the pioneering high-end skincare brand, has recently unveiled the reformulated Eternal line, a market staple for the past 15 years. This upgraded skincare range harnesses the power of plant stem cells and plant plasma infused with cellular factors to enhance skin regeneration and combat cellular aging. With its cutting-edge formulation, the new Eternal line […]

MEGAN Pre-Launch Event: A Gateway to Innovation

Megan by Skeyndor

Introducing MEGAN: The Future of Aesthetics MEGAN Technologies has recently launched in Malaysia, bringing its highly anticipated MEGAN brand to salon owners and skincare enthusiasts alike. This dermal regeneration treatment, developed after five decades of research, is set to revolutionize the way we care for our skin. With its unique system, Megan goes beyond traditional […]

Journeying Back: In Search of Skeyndor Roots

Skeyndor Malaysia Spain Trip

In September 2023, Skeyndor Malaysia embarked on an exhilarating journey to Spain, immersing their clients in the vibrant culture and rich heritage of the brand. This incentive trip provided a unique opportunity for beauty professionals and enthusiasts to witness the commitment to innovation and excellence at the headquarters of Skeyndor Spain. Interacting with over 250 […]

Skeyndor x Sister Magazine Carnival: Celebrating Self-Worth and Beauty

Skeyndor x Sisters Carnival 2023

Step into the realm of Skeyndor, where science intertwines with beauty. In partnership with Sister Magazine, they recently orchestrated an enchanting event titled “You Are Worthy, Just the Way You Are.” Held at The Agam House Sg Penchala, this gathering united Sister Magazine readers, renowned celebrities, and beauty enthusiasts for a day of indulgence and exploration. From exciting games […]


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The new and unique range of peels that regenerate and restore the skin microbiome. •An innovative peeling treatment that renews and restores all skin types, improving their appearance, repairing damage, eliminating blemishes and reactivating cellular renovation.• It is developed with Multibiotic Restoring Complex, a new complex with 3 hyaluronic acids and postbiotics for stimulating the […]

Protect your skin while caring for the planet with new OCEAN RESPECT formula by Skeyndor

Sk Web 1920x1280 03 (1)

The professional cosmetics brand has reformulated its Blue Light Technology Protective Cream SPF50 to protect you from sun and screens as you care for our seas and oceans. Its new Ocean Respect formula is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It doesn’t contain any microplastics or silicones, or any filters that are harmful to the ecosystem. Moreover, […]


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DOUBLE DIMENSION CLEANSING SYSTEM 100% ECO CLEAN & REINFORCE SKIN’S MICROBIOME The new EXPERT CLEANSE PRO line is the expert cosmetic ling in facial skin hygiene. Formulated with products that respect the enviroment, care for the skin and cleanse in the depth. EXPERT CLEANSE PRO is ideal for preparing the skin before any facial treatment. […]