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Sun Expertise Promo



Everyday SUMMER in Malaysia, hence sunscreen is very important to protect your skin!

Sun Expertise, provides a very broad spectrum protector: UVB, UVA, HEV and IR

With the purchase of any Sun Expertise:

1. Protective Cream SPF50 (Blue Light Technology Ocean Respect)

  • Face cream with a high sun protection factor, SPF50
  • To protect the skin that is at high risk or sensitive to the sun
  • Light texture
  • Non-greasy feel and dry-touch finish
  • Cream with a light touch of color
  • Water-resistant


2. Protective Fluid SPF30 (Blue Light Technology)

  • Fluid with a high sun protection factor, SPF30
  • Applicable for face and body
  • Non-oily touch
  • Water-resistant


3. Dry Touch Protective Emulsion SPF50

  • Broad-spectrum, UVA, and UVB physical and chemical filters
  • Dry touch
  • Oil-free
  • Water-resistant


FREE Exclusive Summer Pouch

PWP DD Cream (Blue Light Technology) @ Special Price RM220

  • Anti-ageing, natural anti-oxidant, and biological protector against environmental pollutants
  • Antioxidant and soothing


Terms & Conditions:
• First come first serve basis, while stock lasts.

Promotion Period
30th June 2023