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Skeyndor Parents day Campaign 2024

Parent’s Day Special Promotion 2024


A Special Treat for Mom and You!
Experience the captivating charm of Skeyndor’s Premium collection at an incredible value!
Explore the Premium moisturizer + serum combo, available now at only RM1200!
and receive a FREE complimentary Premium Corrective/Eternal Gift Set valued at RM1,509, along with an Exclusive Bag! 🛍️

But that’s not all! Don’t miss the opportunity to grab the Skeyndor PWP (UNIQCURE) for just RM240! (Regular Price: RM309)

Premium Corrective Gift set include :
• Redensifying Serum Airless 10ml
• Redensifying Rich Cream Tube 15ml
• Redensifying Eye Contour Airless 5ml

Premium Eternal Gift set include :
• Corrective Cream 30ml
• Corrective Eye Contour 15ml
• Corrective Lip Contour 10ml


Premium range serum:

1) Eternal Extraordinary Redensifying Serum, 30ml (NP: RM590)

  • A redensifying and replumps serum which contain plant origin stem cell liposomes and plant based active ingredients.

2) Corrective Deep Lines Refining Serum, 30ml (NP: RM625)

  • Corrective serum which refines, fills and decontracts the deepest wrinkles and expression lines, thanks to its combination of peptides and active agents that relax the appearance of your face to show smooth, renewed skin.

3)Eternal Redensifying Night Oil, 30ml (NP: RM680)

  • An anti-age, night-time redensifying oil. A unique combination of natural oils, 50% each plant based active ingredients, essences and extracts with a silky, non-greasy finish.

4)  Global Lift Contour Elixir Face & Neck, 30ml (NP: RM659)

  • An advanced cosmetic for a global lifting effect and for restoring the facial volume. The power of 3 serums; lifting, anti-ageing and pearlescent in a remarkable composition that redefines the facial contour, fight the visible signs of ageing and correct the skin tone.


Premium range moisturizer :

1) Eternal Redensifying Cream/Rich Cream, 50ml (NP: RM765)

  • A restorative and generative cream for skin volume and revitalising
  • Formulated to repulps, stimulates regeneration in each and every layer of the skin, redensifies skin texture and smoothing fine lines.
Cream suitable for normal to oily skin
Rich Cream suitable for dry skin


2) Corrective Deep Lines Filler Emulsion/Cream, 50ml (NP: RM735)

  • Deep wrinkles and expression lines corrective formulated to smooth expressive wrinkles of the face.
  • Combining skin filling substances with decontracting active agents, it provides your skin with a fuller and plumper appearance.
Emulsion suitable for normal to oily skin
Cream suitable for dry skin


3) Global Lift Contour Face & Neck Emulsion/Cream, 50ml (NP: RM615)

  • A powerful anti aging face and neck cream based on technology [ProGEN-in].
  • An advanced cosmetic that provides a global firming effect and restores facial fullness.
Emulsion suitable for normal to oily skin
Cream suitable for dry skin


Terms & Conditions:
• First come first serve basis, while stock lasts.

Promotion Period
15th July 2024