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Happy Skin Corrective

Happy Skin – Corrective Deep Lines Refining Serum


Let’s celebrate Happy Skin this Parent’s Month together with Skeyndor!

CORRECTIVE Deep Lines Refining Serum refines, fills, and decontracts the deepest wrinkles and expression lines, thanks to its combination of peptides and active agents that relax the appearance of your face to show smooth, renewed skin.

Enjoy Premium happy skin with the purchase of 1 Serum and 1 Moisturizer, collect a Corrective Kit worth RM1,162 and an exclusive Happy Skin non-woven bag.

1. CORRECTIVE Deep Lines Filler Cream / Emulsion (50ml) – Formulated to filling-in deep wrinkles and smooth expressive wrinkles of the face.

  • Redensifies the fatty tissue and rapidly fills the surface tissue
  • Relaxes the facial expression and inhibits muscle contraction
  • Softening expression lines


2. GLOBAL LIFT Lift Contour Face & Neck Cream / Emulsion (50ml) – A face and neck cream based on anti-age technology [ProGEN-in]. An advanced cosmetic that provides a global firming effect and restores facial fullness.

  • Inhibits progerin and elastase activity
  • Firming and antioxidant effect
  • Improves actinic ageing
  • Increases collagen production and redensifies the dermis
  • Reinforces the biomechanical properties of the skin


3. ETERNAL Cream (50ml) – containing plant-origin stem cell liposomes. Formulated to compensate for the loss of the vital substrate and restore the skin’s volume lost with age at the deepest levels.

  • Deeply regenerates
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Detoxifies
  • Redensifies the dermis and reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces wrinkles


PWP Premium Eye Care at a very special price to pamper your parents.

4. GLOBAL LIFT Lift Definition Eye Contour Cream (15ml) – a combination of progressive firming active ingredients and agents that eliminate dark circles and eye bags.

  • Firms the skin and reduces wrinkles
  • Softens dark circles
  • Decongests eyelids and bags
  • Lifting action
  • Filler for wrinkles and fine lines


5. ETERNAL Icy Eye Cream (15ml) – It is effective on epidermal stem cells, making them produce a greater amount of the vital dermal substance.

  • Deeply regenerates
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Reinforces the biomechanical properties of the dermis
  • Draining effect
  • Softens eye bags, wrinkles, and expression lines


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Promotion Period
30th June 2023