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Eyes On You - Skendor Eye Care Special Promo

Eyes On You – Eye Care Special Promo 2024


Get ready for Eyes On You 2024 with Skeyndor!
Shop Skeyndor Eye Care at a Special Price and unlock a delightful surprise: a FREE pocket mirror! Reflect your beauty wherever you go. ✨
But wait, there’s more! Grab a Skeyndor PWP (Pick With Pleasure) for an unbeatable bargain. Elevate your eye game and embrace the allure!
Don’t blink—this offer won’t last forever!

PH Cooling Eye Contour & Eyelashes Gel, 15ml (NP: RM315) NOW @ RM235!

  • Refreshing gel to rejuvenate eye contour and strengthen your eyelashes.
  • For a lifting effect on eyelids, contour wrinkles smoothing and reduction of eye bags.
  • Strengths eyelashes and brings and an immediate refreshing effect.


Power C+ Eye Contour, 15ml  (NP: RM279) NOW @ RM199!

  • An antioxidant combination for a more luminous radiant effect.
  • Formulated for smoothing and lightening the eye contour.


Corrective Expression lines Filler Eye Contour, 15ml (NP: RM435) NOW @ RM325!

  • Combination of peptides and active agents, relaxes the appearance of expression lines. Softening expression lines.
  • Eye circles and bags are filled out and a more relaxed and decongested appearance is revealed.


Global Lift Definition Eye Contour, 15ml (NP: RM379) NOW @ RM285!

  • A combination of progressive firming active ingredients and agents that eliminate dark circles and eye bags.


Eternal Redensifying Eye Contour, 15ml (NP: RM440) NOW @ RM330!

  • Cream for the eye contour area with apple tree origin stem cell liposomes and plant based active ingredients.
  • Formulated for signs of ageing in the eye area.


Timeless Prodigy The Eye Contour, 20ml (NP: RM679) NOW @ RM499!

  • Improves skin quality, wrinkles and firmness, as well as thickening, hydrating and detoxifying the skin and providing radiance.


PWP 1 :-

  1. Aquatherm Bi Zone Soft Mask 50ml (NP: RM199) NOW @ RM140

Gel mask made with thermal water, with a refreshing and calming effect.

  1. Timeless prodigy The Eye Patch, 4 trt (NP: RM399) NOW @ RM280

Native collagen mesh structured in 3D, impregnated with a solution rich in high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Ideal for softening wrinkles and re-firming the delicate skin of the eye contours in a single session.

PWP 2 :-

  1. Aquatherm Cleansing Micellar Water 200ml, (NP: RM179) NOW @ RM110

Micellar thermal water created to effectively clean impurities and make-up remains from the face, eyes and lips.

  1. Expert Cleanse Pro Micellar Biphasic, 150ml, (NP:RM160) NOW @RM110

A make-up remover that removes make-up from the most sensitive parts of the face, such as the eye contour, eyelids, eyebrows and lips.


Terms & Conditions:
• First come first serve basis, while stock lasts.

Promotion Period
15 May 2024